USS Vesta Mission 9: Between Realities

Having resupplied Esquimalt and seen to it’s operational status, the Vesta crew are assigned to look for a rumoured Tholian experimental ship adrift near Federation space. Developed during the strength of the Typhon pact, it is believed the ship was damaged during tests and abandoned. Starfleet Intelligence has acquired information that led them to believe that the ship contains technology from the other Typhon Pact members, as well as data in relation to these species, which could be vital to the Federation maintaining the upperhand in the current political situation. The Flagship of 72 is sent to capture the ship, and recover whatever she can before the Tholians find the ship again.

However, things go awry when a Tholian ship shows and fires on both the Vesta and the cruiser in an attempt to destroy them both. When the cruiser is eventually destroyed a catalyst causes a subspace distortion, damaging the Vesta’s warp assembly forcing it to hide in a nearby nebula.

A game of cat and mouse ensues as the Vesta uses her QSD to affect the subspace anomaly and hide from the more ships that arrive. But something is off about the anomaly itself…