Nova Guide 102 – The Wiki Enigma


This guide isn’t really a guide either, but a adapted version of the panel I gave during the Obsidian Day July ‘19. I thought it might be useful so I changed it into a guide. A lot of the subjects in this guide will feature in a guide over time.

A few months a go I did some asking around about what people were struggling most with then it came to Nova, and almost right away multiple people said the Wiki. So, therefor I choose to do this panel about that topic. While I don’t have enough time to walk you through an entire customization of a wiki, I will show you some possibilities of what you can do with it. This will be just a simple showing of what is possible.

The most important thing to remember is that throughout the entire wiki you can write HTML language. This means that you can do your styling of a page using HTML, but also that you can add tables, images, links etc. by using HTML code. You can create indexes and titles, use floating images, add links etc.

Index Page: If you just want to have a working wiki without any fancy stuff and without the need to use HTML you can just change your category page into the main page. If you add a number to your categories name they will show in that order. You can even edit the text above the list.

A bit more complicated way of doing your wiki main page I’ll show you by posting some examples. All of these examples have been created by using html coding.

Off course you can create something completely crazy and do this for your wiki.

It took me a couple of days creating this. For months I wanted to create something that made the wiki look like a LCARS, and I think it worked out rather well. This whole page consists of 12 separate images that are aligned in such a way to appear like this. Even though this looks very nice, it’s very mobile unfriendly and takes a bit of time to load if you’re on a low internet connection. (Note: I stopped using this with the new skin, because of its impracticality. But it does looks nice.)

A wiki page:

Now I want to quickly show you some option of how-to poof up the pages in your wiki.

In this example I have an unordered list, within an ordered list, within another ordered list and made the headers bold and a size bigger.

Here I’ve created a table of content by adding a name attribute to the headers and linking to those attributes in my table of content. Linking to section within the same page.

This is just an example of header with an image and a list below it. Only using the bold code and the break code to create the list. (instead of using the list coding)

And here is a last example to show you why adding code to a page can make it look a lot better then if you wouldn’t use any. On this page I created different paragraph and an unordered list within an unordered list.

I hope this was useful information for you and that it will help you in create a wiki for your site. I’ve always had a wiki on my sims and I think it really has an added benefit to your website. A place where your players can find background information.