Nova – Update Guide


So, you’ve got the alert that you need to update Nova but you are wondering now what? This guide will answer that question and take you through the process of updating.  Please be aware, the screenshots are specific to, however, you should still have similar options if you used a different host.  Also, this guide assumes you have already downloaded the Nova update.  Alright, let’s get started!

The first thing you will want to do is sign into your cpanel. To do this you will need to put your web site address with :2083 on the end.  For example:


Once you log in your screen will look like this:


Now, that is a lot of option, but, don’t be intimidated, we got this!  We’ll be focusing on just a few key options here.  When setting up Nova the first thing you need is rename or delete your current Nova folder in your hosting.  To do this we will be using File Manager, go ahead and click it:


When you click that you’ll get this screen:


Once here click on public_html.  This’ where your Nova folder is located. To rename your folder click it once and then find the Rename button at the top

Make your name novabup. The reason you do this is so that should anything go wrong you have a readily accessible backup of your directory.

Now, you arguing to go back to the folder you downloaded to and unzip nova.  You only need the Nova folder for the update.  This next part may seem tricky, however, whether on Windows or Mac it is pretty easy.  Once the Nova zip unzips you will right click the folder named nova.  On windows you will click “send to” then “Compressed (zipped) folder”. 

On Mac you right click it and click “compress”.

This creates a zip of just the Nova folder.  Now, you are ready to upload.  Open your web browser again. At the top left of your file manager click upload:

After you click that go ahead and bring up the folder you have the Nova folder zip we created in.  The nice thing about the Utopia cpanel is you can drag and drop here to upload.  So, lets drag the Nova folder zip over and just plop it in there.  This part will take a few minutes, wait for the progress bar to go green before you continue.

Fast forward a few minutes and now you’re saying that’s pretty and all, but, now what do I do with it?  I’m glad you asked!  Because if you hadn’t I might be worried you only looked at the pictures here: ).

Now, go ahead and click one time to highlight it then click extract in top right corner of the screen:

Give that just a minute or 2 to do its thing then hit close on the window that pops up.  Now you should see something like this:

From here you’re set to start your update, have fun! 

Just kidding, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.  Now, let’s go to your site, type in your website address and hit enter.  You will see the update alert, lets hit update.

Now, you should be looking at this:

Go ahead and hit Verify Server.  Now this screen should be staring at you:

Something I want to point out on this screen is the newest version of Nova, 2.5.1, may tell you your database failed the test.  This is not necessarily true, as you can see on Utopia Host it does say failed, however, this will still work.  If you have any questions about getting a failed database test please ask on Anodyne’s help page before going any farther!!

If you’re satisfied here and everything is good to go click “begin update”.

From here I do not have any more screenshots, however, you just need to click the “next” button until the end. And once you get confirmation that has completed you can go back to your site and you have a shiny new Nova version!

This guide is written by Wolf.