SS Mary Rose

Class: Constitution Class Refit

Commanding Officer: Rueben Gregnol

Game Type: Play by Web (Nova)
Rating: 13

SS Mary Rose 1

Welcome aboard the SS Mary Rose, a pastiche of a ship hailing from an era bygone, past checkered and historically dubious. In all rights, she should have been moored in a museum, stripped of her warp core, drained of her chattels and propped onto a pole, a lifeless husk on display. Yet the SS Mary Rose has a tireless manner of slipping through the tight noose of fate, her history managing to have her plucked from her quietude and salvaged by a greedy merchant with an eye for earnings. Dragged from her stationary cradle adrift in the void, The SS Mary Rose is once more venturing the black. Now crewed by an itinerant band, whose motivations are questionable and approach is quite fly-by-night, the Mary Rose has been cast into the role of privateer vessel. Such craft find work only when wandering the outskirts of lawless space; their reputations, actions and mannerisms ensuring they remain unwelcome in the polite society of most UFP worlds.

This simulation is based on the dark side of Star Trek, people living on the very edges of the Federation. We focus on quality writing and not quantity like so many simulations out there allowing the story to grow in our own way, letting characters and our community develop.

Characters on this sim

Rosalyn Slade 2
Eden Bowers 3
Flight Chief
Offermans 4
Operations Chief
Valiyi 5
Robertson 7
Chief Security

Awards won by SS Mary Rose

Awards Sims: 6932 - 10145 8
February 23, 2019

2018 XO of the Year - Valiyi Uhin

Awards Sims: 6936 - 10145 9
February 23, 2019

2018 Sim Of The Year

Currently Recruiting

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There have always been rumours of alternative universes and parallel worlds but nothing will prepare the Civilian Crew of SS Mary Rose for this newest threat to their ship and survival. Having been dragged to an Alternative Universe by the saboteurs. Unaware of what they have been holding in the Grotto or how much the alternate universe has been influencing them since the moment Gregnol took the ship over they are ill prepared for the might of the Imperial Starfleet vessels surrounding them and their doppelgangers. How are they going to get home?

Mission: 9

The SS Mary Rose is dead in the water with the warp core offline. No one can figure out why but things just aren’t right onboard her and haven’t been since Azzia. Suspicions and accusations are getting out of hand that there is a saboteur onboard when the ship starts moving again but the helm is locked out.

Mission: 7

With a few eventful months behind them, the crew of SS Mary Rose are given shore leave to recover and rest up after a medical delivery to Azzia – a planet very unlike anyone has seen before.

Mission: 6

After a few routine cargo hauls the crew of SS Mary Rose start to open up more areas of the ship as the crew grows. After starting repairs on the oldest area of the ship to open up more areas for use, the crew start to hear random voices all over the ship repeating the phrase ‘Don’t let it out’. What is it? Why are voices suddenly whispering about it? And worst of all why does the computer suddenly think there are three more bio signatures on the ship than there actually is?

Mission: 5

An explosion has gone off in the cargo bay destroying the cargo that SS Mary Rose was carrying. Who caused it? And why do the owners of the cargo seem not to be worried that they no longer have the items they were travelling with for the wedding of their daughter?

Mission: 4

Starfleet Intelligence finally manages to get a message to Rueben that they have a mission for the ship. Despite Rueben trying to ignore the message they are sent to Deep Space Nine's abandoned sister space station, Empok Nor under the guise of retrieving parts for an independent buyer when in fact they are retrieving information and parts from the station abandoned nearly twenty years before on behalf of Starfleet.

Mission: 3

The Crew of SS Mary Rose decide to explore the dark recess looking for faulty power conduct that keeps making the lights come on and off throughout the ship. Upon entering a secretive vaulted store a strange dust cloud is released covering the crew. Inside they find all kinds of things left by the collector, the previous owner of the Mary Rose. What else is released that has been sealed for the past twenty years??

Mission: 2

Barton barters for the purchase of abandoned SS Mary Rose. Once acquired, the search for able hands to man her begins.

Mission: 1
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