The Obsidian Short Story Competition

Written Bydulac
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Through June 2017 Obsidian Fleet will be holding its first, annual, Short Story competition with a new prestigious Golden PADD Award given to the winner and all the bragging rights that come with it.

This contest comes as part of new community engagement incentives to bring people together and show the talent within Obsidian Fleet.

The short story will be less than 7500 words and be based around our beloved genre, Star Trek. The stories shall be judged by a panel, who will remain anonymous to protect the integrity of the judging process, and set a list of criteria where vital points could be earned, or lost!

The very best will enter the final stage, and the winner will be announced on Obsidian Day (29 July) as part of our annual celebration of the Fleet’s Formation.

Interested? We will be releasing more information and how to enter in the next week so keep an eye out on IFS!