April 2017 Unit of Merit Awards

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I am pleased to present the Unit of Merit awards of for April 2017! I apologize for the tardiness yet again. As usual, any issues or questions about the nominations herein should be directed to your direct supervisor.

Without further ado, here are the award winners!

Award Cards

The Aril 2017 award cards for website display have been uploaded to the main OF website as of this email.



USS Mercury, TF72
The sim has begun a new mission that seems interesting. The sim has had some lows but they seem to be pulling themselves up and finding life again while regaining activity and interest into the sim. Keep up the good work!
CPT Cornelius Harrington

USS Asgard, TF72
For maintaining their high standards despite continuing RL travails among some of the crew. It may have slowed them a bit but they definitely did not stop. Captain Wulfe and crew have earned the highest commendation.
CDME Jacinto Eriksen

USS Roanoke, TF72
Despite several LOA’s and losing 3 key positions due to RL issues, the sim has managed to continue on and stay productive.
RA J. Hurin


USS Shanghai, TF72
Again, the Shanghai continues to prove themselves as an active, exciting simm. The quantity and quality of posts are great, and they are progressing with an interesting mention. I believe the Shanghai encapsulates not only the best of simming, but their missions encapsulate what Star Trek is all about.
CDRE Alanis Meru


USS Firebird, TF47
This month was a tough one. However, I have to nominate the crew of the Firebird, for managing to get a 5 to 1 ratio on posting, all the while maintaining quality. Well done!