Fleet Services May/June 2017 Report

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Wow, what a crazy couple months! We had a lot of transfers, we had a lot of work on and discussion about IFS2, and a whole lot of engagement chats and discussion. This report will be brief, but a lot more will come to bear on Obsidian Day on July 29.

  • Awards
  • Community Engagement & Obsidian Day
  • IFS2 Sekrits?
  • Statistics

As usual, if there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to inquire!


The May and June Unit of Merit awards are also being combined into one announcement (two months, one announcement). These will be done and released in advance of Obsidian Day.

Community Engagement & Obsidian Day

We continue to bust out fun materials as well as reports and other announcements on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us now and join in on the fun!

We had run a Community Engagement survey way back, and then we followed that up with some Forum discussions and Discord chats. After a LOT of discussing there, and a LOT of work done on IFS2 (see below), much of what people wanted to see to bring about a closer and more engaged community, with transparent leadership, will be happening in due time. A summary report to be shared soon is in the works.

So stay tuned to OBSIDIAN DAY on July 29. Check out the event on the main website or on Facebook. Come, have some fun, see some awards, and find out some great things that are going to make OF great again. Wait, did I just use that phrase? *shrug*

Note: I also may have some staff announcements and such on OD – come and see!

IFS2 Sekrits

I have been busy working with the rest of the JFC and Fleet Council and Fleet Advisors, and all I can say is WOW! You all are in for some awesomeness when we launch this puppy. In fact, here’s a sneak peek:

Ok, don’t tell anyone else. But come to Obsidian Day and you can find out about some of the fun we’re having getting things ready for you… “Soon!” ™


From a personnel aspect, and this is likely shared by other reports, I thought these numbers were nice to see – some increases since the last report!

  • Average Characters per CO’ed Ship: 9.15 (up from 9.08)
  • Average Characters per active ship: 10.63 (up from 10.34)
  • Active Characters: 340 (up from 331)
  • Players: 274 (up 3 from last report)

Here are some basic statistics to see how our systems grow from month to month.

  • Forum Posts: 7793 as of this report (101 more than last report)
  • Forum Users: 759 as of this report (9 new since last report)
  • Wiki Content: Started to redesign front page and content, but on hold for now. Stay tuned!