Obsidian Day 2017

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Obsidian Day

A celebration of 16 years of Obsidian Greatness!

On 29 July 2017 the team here at Obsidian Fleet will be holding a celebration of the formation of the community we love. The Fleet will be honouring members with Out of Character awards, hosting games and quizzes and the Joint Fleet Command have a very special announcement to make.

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Join us in our Discord Server from 18:00 UTC on Saturday 29 July to share your story, celebrate our history and to look forward to our future!

Time (UTC) Event Name Host
18:00 Opening Ceremony Joint Fleet Command
18:30 Community Engagement Discussion and Update Rear Admiral Berel Joon
19:30 Reminiscing Joint Fleet Command
20:00 Fleet Council Q&A Fleet Council
20:30 Writing Competition Winners Ceremony Joint Fleet Command
21:00 Award Ceremony Joint Fleet Command
21:30 SFMC Ask Me Anything Iain MacTaryn
22:00 Special Announcement & Closing Ceremony Myrkul Sharr

Are you interested in hosting an event to help make this celebration extra special? If so, email the Joint Fleet Command with your details and what you will be running! (more slots can be added)