Task Force 47 – June Monthly Report

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Task Force 47 continues to move steadily along in terms of player engagement, community and growth. June saw 47 gain three new CO’s, but unfortunately we lost one as well. So a warm welcome to the following CO’s:

  • Commander Benjamin Lincoln – USS Reliant (assuming command from Captain Wyman)
  • Commander Joshua Hart – USS Cross
  • Lieutenant Commander Andrew Loomis – USS Polaris

Welcome to TF47 skippers!

Task Force Ops

Things have been pretty steady in 47 for the last month. RL has finally settled to the point that I can commit more time to keeping things running smoothly. I’d like to say I’m proud of the CO’s and their crews in 47 for keeping the sense of community alive in the Discord channels. I like to see everyone engaging one another, and encourage you all to keep that going and to bring your fellow Captain’s and crews along.

For those that missed the announcement on the 47-CO List (also a PSA: If you’re not on the 47 CO List, let me know and I’ll invite you again), Captain Santiago Vela of the USS Fearless has been promoted to the role of TGCO for 47-C – the Kensai. Everyone give him a warm welcome and congratulations!

Also, this month saw the transfer of the AU-Simm’s from the IFO banner into the 47-Independant (Command Group) marking the first time we’ve had these simms in the operational Task Forces! Welcome to the AU Simm’s! Looking forward to seeing y’all flourish in TF47. Additionally, we’ve consolidated TG-47-D into the rest of the Task Force and eliminated the D group. With the addition of the IFO simms into 47 we’ve not lost open spots, just shifted them to the AU category. I’ve tried to keep everyone together, moving D to C, but there are two simms I moved elsewhere – those simms I’ve reached out to directly. Of course, any questions about all this, I’m here for you.



Here are our Bronze winners for June:

  • USS Sarek (47A): This is one which I feel needs awarding. The sim has had a bumpy patch and, as always, the summer drought is hitting us all. However, in spite of this Captain H’Rhar and her crew have continued to produce work of both the quality and quantity I have come to expect from her. Well done! – Commodore Lancaster, STGCO – 47A
  • No Nomination (47B):
  • USS Livingstone (47C): The Livingstone under the command of Commander Stevenson has stepped it up this month with an exponential increase in their posting driving their story forward and building a team of dedicated writers. I’m glad to see them doing so well so early in their tenure here and look forward to seeing how they grow going forward. Great job, skipper. – Major General MacTaryn, TFCO.


For those interested, here are some basic statistics…

  • Total Ships: 23
    • CO’ed Ships: 19
    • Active Ships: 15
    • Inactive Ships: 4
    • Open Ships: 4
  • Total Characters: 148
    • Active Characters: 127
    • Inactive Characters: 21
    • Average Characters per CO’ed Ship: 7.79
    • Average characters per active ship: 8.47
  • Total Players: 123
    • Average Characters per Player: 1.2