Unit of Merit Awards for May and June 2017

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The May and June UoMs are here and ready to rock. I have placed the full synopses of all the nominations herein, but since there were two months covered, I am putting the two gold recipients at the top. A deeper report will be coming soon!

Congratulations to EVERYONE involved, and if there are any concerns or questions just use your chain of command.

Award Cards

The award cards are ready and you can place them on your sites with pride!



May 2017


USS Merlin, TG47D (now TG47B)
Merlin: An outstanding month for the Merlin, coming in strong after some minor setbacks.. Looking forward to more solid simming from Captain Barstow and crew

USS Roanoke, TG72A (nominated as TF72 Command)
Despite setbacks caused by real life issues and taking on ​new responsibilities, the Roanoke has kept on, keepin on. With an impressive posting count and adding four new players, that can be tricky for even the most seasoned of CO’s and crew. Well done.
​*submitted by Rear-Admiral J. Hurin​ TF72-CO

USS Endeavor, TG72A
Despite the CO’s busy personal life, the USS Endeavour continues to advance the story,​ ​putting out high-quality posts and continuing in their ongoing​​ story arc. The Endeavour is a great simm,​ ​and their activity and quality of writing speaks for itself.​
​*submitted by Commodore Alenis Meru TG72A-C

USS Yorktown, TG72C
Congratulations to the USS Yorktown for an excellent month of activity, thanks to an eager and​ ​talented crew and the focused leadership of Cmdr. Ashcroft. They’ve jumped back into the fold​ ​without missing a beat.
Submitted by Commodore Jacinto Eriksen TG72C-CO


USS Elysium, TG72B
“Again, the Elysium continues to prove that she is a simm not to be messed with. High posting numbers, good overall engagement from the crew, and a dedicated Commander have made this a solid simm that I am pleased to have in my Task Group. Commander Lalor and her crew put a lot of hard work into their craft and it shows. They are a great example of team work and cooperation.”
​*submitted by​ ~Captain Harrington


USS Valkyrie, TG47A
The crew here have had a damned good month, averaging a little over 4 posts per player. Not only that, but quality has not dropped in the process. Well done!

June 2017


USS Sarek, TG47A
This is one which I feel needs awarding. The sim has had a bumpy patch and, as always, the summer drought is hitting us all. However, in spite of this Captain H’Rhar and her crew have continued to produce work of both the quality and quantity I have come to expect from her. Well done! – Commodore Lancaster, STGCO – 47A

Starbase 249, TG72A
Starbase 249 continues to steadily produce quality posts. This month they had a significant uptick, including personal logs, which brought them up to 26 posts. Overall, I think Starbase 249 is a great simm which deserves some recognition.
submitted by: Commodore Alenis Meru

USS Asgard, TG72C
With special recognition for the crew who seem tireless in their passion for writing and working together, even when their Captain is out of action for several days due to RL concerns. Outstanding work. Again this crew proves themselves worthy of high honors.
submitted by: Commodore Jacinto Eriksen


USS Viking, TG72B
“Despite several setbacks, the Captain and her crew pushed through and came together as a team refocusing their efforts on the mission and the simm. It is my privilege to nominate the Viking this month as at testament to their dedication and talent. ~Captain Neil Harrington

​*I am well aware of the struggles that the Viking has endured as of late, and to see them push forward and resume their great story, I am proud to elect them as the TF72 Nominee for the Silver UoM.submitted by: Rear-Admiral J. Hurin


USS Livingstone, TG47C
The Livingstone under the command of Commander Stevenson has stepped it up this month with an exponential increase in their posting driving their story forward and building a team of dedicated writers. I’m glad to see them doing so well so early in their tenure here and look forward to seeing how they grow going forward. Great job, skipper. – Major General MacTaryn, TFCO.