July Unit of Merit Winners

Fleet Services sat down with our recent Unit of Merit winners recently and had a brief word with their commanding officers. So congratulations to them and we hope to see more of this recognition in the future. You can read more about this in the respective Task Force 47 report for July.

“The USS Cross is proud and honored to have won the Silver Unit of Merit in her first month of operations. Despite being a new and small crew, we have developed an interesting plot and a fast paced storyline in the busiest of summer months. Our crew was unanimously excited to hear they had won and it gives them a goal of Gold to strive for in the future.”

USS Cross, Task Force 47
Commander Hart, Commanding Officer (@hart)

“The gold UoM award means a lot to us. It’s great to be recognized for the writing we’re putting out and it feels like the work we put into building Valkyrie and focussing on good quality writing is paying off. All the credit should go to my crew since they’re the ones coming up with so much great stuff.”

USS Valkyrie, Task Force 47
Captain Kincaid, Commanding Officer (@shatners_hair)


Award Cards

We are still using the older-styled award cards, and they can be had at the URL below. We will switch to a new style once those are ready, likely alongside ship banners.