Fleet Services August Report of Tardiness

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The department is busy mostly in the areas of community engagement and IFS2. Not a lot of reporting material, but suffice it to say we have full plates.

(image courtesy Brian/Alenis Meru, USS Portland and Ice Axe Miniatures)


Nothing of import must be announced for August for this department, but I did want to re-address a few things from the fleet.


Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and Discord – OH MY. Yes, we manage all those, and look below for some basic statistics. But we need you involved.

Having something to share? Put it in the forums – Ten Forward or maybe Recruitment to get some new players.

Have a question about Specs or something? Check out the Treknology forums.

Just want to have some fun? Quantum Cafe – we have a numbers game and a word follow-up game going.

And then of course, add friends, update your status, and use the Activity Stream to check the pulse of everything.

Don’t forget the fleet projects (mentioned back in August) that will be starting up soon. These will be exciting endeavors to reshape some of what we do around here, with involvement from the entire community.


The site has really been tweaked and has come a long way. I just wanted to look at a few statistics this month. We had 31 NEW topics, 84 replies, 5 new DB articles, and 10 award nominations – in August.

We had for Facebook 319 reach impact, 37 engaged users 2 new page likes, and 15 page views. On Twitter, we had 1300+ impressions and about 20 likes and retweets. Across the two platforms we had a total of 6 campaigns.

So we need more work done. Come in and help with the Database (check out the DB, Table, and News Help pages first).