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Dear Members,

As you may know, the Caribbean Islands have been hit by Hurricane Irma, with it set to continue onwards through Cuba and into the state of Florida over the next few days.

Obsidian Fleet hopes that everyone in these affected areas remains safe during this disaster looking out for one another and we hope that damage is limited. We wish everyone well and know that volunteers and the civil service will do a grand job of helping everyone who needs it.

While there is little we can do but hope our friends and family remain safe during this terrible time. We have authorised the removal of all posting and reporting restrictions for anyone affected until life returns to normal. While a little thing and unimportant in the grand scheme, we hope this will be one thing less to consider. Those not affected should continue posting and reporting as normal.

Obsidian Fleet and her community continue to have everyone in our thoughts and hope Irma changes path to avoid civilisation.