Joint Fleet Command Report – August 2017

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Welcome to the month that was August and the Joint Fleet Command Report!

After Obsidian Day, naturally this month’s report is going to be a bit quieter. Still, it’s been a good month with plenty of news to share!

In this month’s report …

  • Fleet Council News
  • IFS2 News
  • Projects Update
  • JFC Update

So without further ado …

Classic Cheese. On with the show!

Fleet Council Update

Well, the big one this month is RAdm T’shi resigned. So we’re opening recruitment for a new Academy Commandant shortly. We’ve recently also passed a proposal for Fleet Projects and will mention more about those in a later section of this report. Aside from that it’s been fairly quiet as we’ve all had holidays after the craziness of July.

IFS2 News

There’s been some work done on IFS2 this month but it’s mostly been behind the scenes getting things ready for the next releases of the public side. We’ve tidied up a few menus, got the backend for Characters ready, got the initial design pass for Sims done, and created a new news submission form (here) so you don’t need to bounce into the backend of WordPress.

RAdm Joon’s been a trooper in helping people get settled in so we’d like to thank him for his work, and you guys for being so enthusiastic about the system. As always, we’re open to comments so feel free to keep them coming. I (du Lac) will take the opportunity though to say that we’ve had quite a few enquiries about migration from IFS1 to 2. Sadly that’s not technically possible – the data structures are just too far apart to map over. We’ll be putting a version of IFS1 on a Utopia Host installation for legacy reasons at some point in the future but there’s no plans to bring the 16 years of data over here too.

Projects Updates

The Fleet Rules project is underway and myself and RAdm Bishop will be contacting people for the Technology Review soon. We’re still looking for people to join us in working on the Fleet Lore and on the Academy Materials. You can apply at . We’re hoping to have more to report on these next month.

JFC Update

Last month, both myself and Admiral Sharr said when we stepped to a 2-man Joint Fleet Command that we’d be looking at revising how the JFC (colloquially known as Triad) operated as a result of the stuff that happened in July. We’ve had a few ideas, we’re still looking at options. Rest assured we’re not letting this one go away quietly.

Short, and sweet this month, but as the immortal Will Smith once said ..