Langley Station is Recruiting

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Want to get involved with Langley Station? This is a great sim for trying something slightly different, although not far removed from your comfort zone. Get involved in this fresh new sim style. Join today!

Langley station is a space station near the old Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, in orbit of Lyshan 1 in the Lyshan system. Langley station is a Regula class station with a Research division on board. Together with Lyshan colony they are going to develop into a world that supports the sector and the station will become a hub of activity and research.

We’re not your average RPG. Our main focus is to provide our writer with various opportunities to write. Either with their PC or with a NPC. We focus on character development and collaboration between writers and other RPG’s. We don’t do mission after mission, but we create an open world concept…

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