Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – November 2017

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Another month gone by, it’s time for the JFC Monthly Report!

In this edition  …

Fleet News!
IFS2 Updates!
Fleet Project Roundup!

Fleet News

It’s been fairly steady in the Fleet this month. Mac and Lancaster both appointed their TFXO’s, We’ve also got the Ascension Class Carrier’s through the Fleet Council so they’ll be likely to make an appearance in the new year once we’ve got some of the other revisions we’re making out of the way.

We’ve also “decommissioned” 14 classes of ship from the fleet’s active lineup this month. It frees up valuable space for us to identify newer classes to replace them or repurpose other ones in the lineup to fill the gaps.

IC, we’ve got some excellent storylines going on.

  • OC’s got a Romulan delegation on-board wanting to renegotiate the Treaty of Algeron exception made to Obsidian Fleet when the border patrol was a shared operation
  • The USS Portland’s rescuing their XO from the Breen
  • The USS Hiroshima decided it’d be funny to equip a QSD and subsequently blew the ship up.

Maybe that last one’s not so funny, I’m sending Captain Yearling a bill for his ship. And Captain Hart too for that matter.

One thing the JFC did note though in this month’s reports is the amount of spelling errors/lack of proofreading. There was some mild confusion at a CO referring to “resolving the diaper” which might be an interesting mission involving a giant space baby. Please take some time to read your stuff before you post it folks!

IFS2 Updates

Not a lot’s happened with IFS2 this month. We’ve fixed a weird bug which was caused by something dropping a permissions reference and I’ve finalised the custom fields for the sim hub page. It’s in need of some Joonification (where he makes my stuff look good) but there’s a crude version online on this here link so you can see what it kinda looks like. OPL’s hopefully coming in soon too, I’m trying to work out how to make it searchable and more importantly, show the sim.

Tech-wise, we reconfigured the email from WordPress so it now gets routed via a Google API call on our domain and we’ve addressed some of the issues for incoming email so you can now use email to reply to forum posts. Which is nice.

Projects Updates


We’ve identified the auxiliary craft for consolidation and we’re reducing the fighter range to a smaller range as we’ve got some stuff that doesn’t make sense. We’re working on the specs behind the scenes and then we’ll have the unfortunate job of going through the ships and sorting out what goes where. We’ll be communicating with CO’s as we go through so you’ll be informed in advance of any changes.


We finally got this one moving! Our first job’s trying to piece together a history from 2379 to 2394, our current operating year. It’s no small feat taking into account the stories from Voyager, Nemesis, the soft-canon aspects of STO that got heavily featured in print and online, the OF storylines we’ve ran, etc. but it’s one we’re taking on happily.


Are now under the purview of Commodore Gravis. He’s currently reviewing the progress and will be reporting on this in the OMA reports going forward.


We’ve recently done a CO’s survey looking at how COAL’s should be structured in the future. Admiral Sharr’s reviewing the feedback and will be looking at the forward view over the next few weeks.

That’s it for this month! See you all again soon!