Task Force 72 – December Report

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I’ll start my report this month by saying it’s been another great month of communication and engagement by the CO’s and Players of TF72. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone really getting involved. I encourage you all to make sure everyone in your crew is not only joining in on Discord, but actively participating. This Task Force and this Fleet is nothing without both CO’s and players!

On to the recap of changes for the Task Force in the month of December.

  • USS Rook – NEW CO!
    • Lieutenant Commander Abigail Stuart

Join me in congratulating our new CO, Lieutenant Commander Stuart in the Discord chat!

We’re always looking for qualified, steady heads at the CoNN so if you’re interested in the center chair we have plenty of simms to choose from in TF-72. From the TME-Universe to the main fleet. If you’re interested in running a simm, 72 is the place to be!

Task Force Ops

For those that aren’t aware, Commodore Farragut of the Endeavor has been leading the charge for a Task Force wide metaplot, something that he’s been working on with the TGCO’s of 72. There will be more to share on that front as we flesh out the ideas and bring them out for everyone to feed off of, but if you’ve got ideas you want to share feel free to reach out to any one of us to talk that out. It’s something that will eventually roll into the grander lore for the Fleet, but for now just something for the CO’s of 72 to kick around.

Additionally, I spoke to the CO’s in Discord about a CO-wide JP to kick off a bit of a manhunt for a attempted terrorist attack on Admiral Sepandiyar. There was pretty strong support for this, so if you haven’t heard about that and are interested to know more, just email me or DM me on Discord and we can discuss. I’d wanted to get this going in January, but as of this report that’s mostly come and gone as RL has taken the free time I’ve had to spare. Hopeful for February.

Speaking of time constraints, this will be my last report for TF72. My work-life has become difficult to manage both my TF-72 duties and my Triad duties, so the JFC has agreed that it’s best for me to step back from my role in TF72 sooner than planned so that I can focus on my Triad duties and so the progress of TF72 isn’t slowed down by me taking longer than usual to respond. As announced previously, Commodore Farragut will be acting TFCO.

Now if there’s anything we’re not doing for you, the CO’s and players, or anything you’d like to see done better please let us know. Our door’s are open, be that myself, Commodores Farragut or Harrington. TF72 is here for you!


So awards are done a little differently now, per a change in the Fleet Rules. Each Task Force will now be presenting their own silver  and gold medal winners, the bronze award has been dc’d. Please keep in mind that we want the Unit of Merit awards to be a well-earned merit for the simm/players who receive it. That said, there may be periods in which no award is given. I would much rather reward a simm that is truly performing magnificently than to let this award become a simple ‘participation’ trophy.

That all said, all three TGCO’s reported that they are very happy with the progress of the Simm’s in their groups and that they’ve seen nothing great work from everyone and had difficulty choosing any one over the others.

So… for the month of December.

  • Gold UoM – USS Pico:
    • I’d like to nominate the USS Pico.  The simulation leader has assembled a large group of players, launched a website, and managed an impressive number of posts in a short period of time.  He works well with the rest of the TG and writes on a number of simulations in the TF.  He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty or ask questions.  These are the makings of an effective CO.

Looking forward to a great January and the New Year for what the new IFS-2 and other changes have in store for us. Questions, concerns, comments, well wishes and donations are welcome anytime (tf72 at obsidianfleet.net), my door’s open for you. Keep in mind during this transition of Commodore Farragut and myself, there may be a slight delay in replies. Please reach out in Discord if it’s something that needs immediate attention.