USS Valkyrie Commanding Officer Killed In Action

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Commander Charles Kincaid of the USS Valkyrie has been killed in the line of duty.


The Valkyrie was conducting initial negotiations on the planet Davos Prime, a newly warp capable world near the border with the Breen Confederacy. The diplomatic process was complicated initially when the Valkyrie’s science officer, Lieutenant Rafan Kel, was hailed as a figure in Davosi mythology, a harbinger of change. At the same time, an outbreak of a deadly plague on the planet was traced back to the Breen.


As the Confederacy’s interference was revealed, the negotiations were attacked by a mercenary group, one which Starfleet intelligence suspects to have been hired by the Breen, although they have been unable to prove a link at this time.


The Valkyrie team were able to rescue the majority of the Davosi delegation, however Commander Kincaid was killed covering the escape. After the incident, the Valkyrie’s second officer, Lieutenant Yara Blackwater, was able to salvage the initial phase of the negotiations and prevent a treaty between Davos Prime and the Confederacy.


The ship has been recalled to Earth for a full debrief where they will also be met by their new commanding officer, Captain Alexander Kurtz.