Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – Jan 2018

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So a new year’s begun, the month’s over halfway through …

It’s time for a Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report!

In this edition … and in no particular order …

  • Projects News!
  • News from Around the Fleet
  • What’s happened to X Poll of the Year?
  • Upcoming Staff Vacancies!
  • du Lac’s Song of the Month!

Upcoming Staff Vacancies

As you might be aware if you’ve seen Discord, RAdm Joon’s stepped down due to RL commitments (he got a new job). He’s been a good friend to the fleet and a lot of what you seen in IFS2 wouldn’t have been possible without him either making du Lac’s ideas work or making du Lac’s ideas look like something you’d use, or the bits where he’d come to the JFC and go “I’ve done this”. We’re currently working out what the Fleet Services post will look like and we’ll get an advert out soon.

We’re also in the market for a new R&D head as RAdm Bishop stepped down too. Bish has been in the fleet and part of the Fleet Council on and off since the dawn of the Fleet (I know, I put him on there – du Lac) so his presence and eternal source of cynicism will be missed. Again, we’ll have an advert for this post out soon.

And last but not least, we’re hoping we can get an Academy post advert out soon too. Hopefully we can keep someone in post for longer than the 2017 record of two months …

What happened to X Poll of the Year?!

We’re working on them. du Lac got busy. CO’s will be announced soon, XO’s going out to vote today, and I’m trying to work out what we’re going to do with Character of the Year … not sure if people got confused with Outstanding Character Award or not but we’ve got a weird mix of them. Sorry folks!

News from Around the Fleet

It being the post-Christmas reports, it was a fairly quiet month for everyone. But here’s some highlights.

  • Obsidian Command slipped into the Mirror Universe, possibly confusing the Romulan delegation who’d been aboard at the time trying to negotiate the removal of Cloaking Devices from the Fleet.
  • Mac’s transferring to the USS Alexander – a new Ascension Class carrier. He’s currently listening to Admiral du Lac rant about the bridge layout of the USS Ascension and has asked Utopia Planitia to install a different bridge module to avoid a du Lac style episode occuring.
  • The Syd’s Lost in Time. Also seems to have acquired a 1950’s style robot as a new crew member.
  • The USS Imperator launched under the command of RAdm Lancaster, and he’s off to talk to some rowdy Klingons.
  • The Arcadia’s dealing with a rogue starfleet crew who’re determined to wipe out the Founders and start another Dominion War
  • The Yorktowns dealing with some angry yokels in the former Cardassian DMZ

As always, if you’ve got some IC news and want to get some exposure on the Site and on the Fleet’s Facebook and Twitter, you can Submit News

Fleet Projects!


Commodore Gravis is currently structuring it into a general path and set of areas.


The loss of RAdm Bishop has put this one back  a bit. We’ve got some announcements coming soon though which’ll tickle a few people but to give you a short-hand version, we’re consolidating some of the shuttles, fighters and runabouts, and outright replacing some of them.


This one’s had quite an interesting week and a bit. We’ve got a rough idea of the Galactic History between 2378 (when OF was founded) and 2395 (now), so we’re currently trying to work out what state the Galaxy’s in and where the Fleet fits in. It’s also raised a few issues with the historic map we’ve used so du Lac’s taken it on as a side project to do a new map …

du Lac’s Song of the Month

Only one song choice this month, to mark Dolores O’Riordan’s passing. Great singer/songwriter. See you next month folks!