USS Yorktown Presumed Lost

Written Bydulac
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ASHALLA, BAJOR (FNS) – It has been hours since the USS Yorktown was ordered to intercept raiders en route to the Badlands.  Sensors last picked up the Excelsior entering the Badlands just before an unusually large plasma eruption was detected.  There has been no sign of the vessel or the raider ships leaving the Badlands, nor have any other ships been seen in the area.

The Yorktown is commanded by Captain Lamar David, the Task Group Commanding Officer of 72-C, and veteran of the Dominion War.  Before it was sent to intercept, the ship had been on a surveying mission of a local nebula.  The Yorktown has a crew compliment of 565.  The ship has been an active part of Starfleet since the turn of the Century.  It has participated in many historical events, including the signing of the Khitomer Accords, the Dominion War, and a tour as an Academy training ship.

As of time of submission, the USS Endeavour was en route to investigate.  Starfleet Command would not offer comment as the matter was part of an ongoing investigation and that it was too early for speculations.  The story will be updated as updates become available.