Search and Rescue Operations Canceled; Yorktown Determined Lost

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ASHALLA, BAJOR (FNN) – Upon diligent review of sensor readings, Starfleet Command has downgraded the rescue mission to a recovery mission for the Yorktown.  With no wreckage or escape pods detected, the Excelsior-class vessel is considered destroyed.  While plasma eruptions are a regular occurrence in the Badlands, the one that occurred as the Yorktown entered the nebula was considered extreme in intensity.

Commanded by Captain Lamar David, the Yorktown had a crew compliment of 565.  The ship was recently involved in the easing of tensions with the Hakton VII colony, a long forgotten world that had fallen on hard times.  The ship is probably best known for being a stalwart defender during the Dominion War.  It also became a mainstay at Starfleet Academy as a testing ground for third and fourth year cadets.

The crew of the Yorktown were as diverse as they were capable.  In the coming days, FNN will be releasing profiles of those who served aboard the Yorktown once the names become available.  Starfleet regulations stipulate that next of kin must be notified before names can be released to the public.  Commander Courtney Hammerstein, spokesperson for Task Force 72, has issued a statement, “Task Force 72, and all of Starfleet, are saddened by the loss of the Yorktown and her crew.  We will remember the brave crew and their sacrifice in service to the Federation.”

The USS Rhea has been dispatched to survey the last know coordinates.  Because this is a mission of recovery, the Rhea is not expected to find survivors.  It is in search of answers.  FNN will bring you more as new updates become available.