Task Force 72 – July 2018 Report

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Well that was a short lived victory. Once more we return to my colleague at Task Force 47 beating me to the report punch. I blame time zones. This month brought some challenges to the Task Force, but I’m pleased to say that we’re overall in a strong position. We have one simulation exiting Command Academy and another nearing completion of Command Academy courses. In addition, we saw some interesting developments on the fleet news system. Now, let’s dig into the month of July.

Simulation Updates

The SS Fawkes Commanding Officer, RottenEmu, has completed command academy and now joins our active, if still building, rotation of simulations. This is the first big step for any simulation, and I can confidently say that the Task Force 72 command staff looks forward to seeing what the CO and the simulation contributed to the Task Force. In addition, the Commanding Officer of the USS Majestic, Jane Saulitis, continues to advance through the program. We have no departing or arriving simulations this month.

Task Force Status

This month myself a few players both in Task Force 72 and 47 started putting the News system to work. We’ve seen positive feedback on these “in character” stories of our ships and the universe at large. I encourage all our simulation leaders and players to use the system as a way share the adventures of your simulations with the community at large. I do stress, however, that each simulation limit itself to no more than one news story per week (inclusive of indirectly related articles). We want everyone’s stories and adventures to be featured.

We’re always interested in new or experienced players taking the reigns and creating a new space for our players to write in and explore the Star Trek universe. We have a healthy mix of old and new COs ready and able to help with everyone from site creation, character development, story planning, and crossovers. Please seek out anyone in Task Force 72 Command if you have questions about the CO application process or want to discuss the possibility of running your own simulation.

We saw a drop in participation of the Open Positions survey. We will make a better effort for the August report to circulate it among our COs.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Athena Prometheus Class
  • USS Rook Luna Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • USS Artemis Prometheus Class
  • Starbase 249 Spacedock Class

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class

Open Positions

Chief Science Officer

  • USS Yorktown

Chief Tactical and Security Officer

  • USS Endeavour

Chief Medical Officer

  • USS Yorktown

Chief Engineer

  • SS Fawkes
  • SS Mary Rose

Chief of Operations

  • SS Fawkes

Chief Counselor

  • USS Endeavour


  • Civilian Director – SS Mary Rose
  • Boatswain – SS Fawkes
  • Signaller – SS Fawkes

Awards and Promotions

We have one Unit of Merit award for this month. Everyone please congratulate the crew of the USS Elysium on another month well done! From the TGCO:

I’m going to nominate the Elysium.  Lalor is brand new to the TG due to the shakeup and has already hit the ground running.  The Elysium has a presence in 72C and become involved in the communications with the other TG sims.  The sim itself has had good numbers, but on top of that they are quality posts.  There isn’t much more a TGCO could ask from a member of the group, especially with the Elysium just transferring over recently.

Congratulations to Captain Lalor and her crew. Very well done!

Also please everyone congratulate the Commanding Officer (and by extension the crew) of the SS Fawkes! Mayterial Droz has completed his command academy, and while a civilian ship doesn’t necessarily allow me the opportunity to provide promotions, I do believe it appropriate to bestow the title of “Skipper” on our newest civilian arrival.


All in all, this was a strong month of Task Force 72. I look forward to seeing our new simulations develop and our established simulations continue to thrive. I would like to encourage everyone to continue using the Discord as you have and foster a friendly and welcoming environment. In addition, reach out to other groups of players you don’t normally play or write with. We have several sims that could use new players or experienced writers to help them flourish!

See you next month. And as always, if you have questions, concerns, or want to pitch an idea for a news story or a simulation do not hesitate to reach out to me or any members of the Task Force Command Staff!