Obsidian Fleet Academy Monthly Report – July 2018

Written Bydulac
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I hope everything where you are is going well and that you are in good spirits.
The Academy has three students currently in it’s rolls and they are progressing nicely through COAL. So let us welcome Lieutenant Commander Alexia Nolan of the USS Centaurus in Task Group 47-C, and Lieutenant Commander Jane Alta Saulitis of the USS Majestic in Task Group 72-C. I welcome them to the Academy and wish them well as they progress to graduation. Lieutenant Commander  Deianira Coldbright of the USS Polaris in Task Group 47-C is advancing nicely through the program. We expect them to be graduated by the time next months report is written.
Speaking of graduation, it is with great pleasure that I announce Captain Mayterial Droz of the SS Fawkes has completed COAL and graduated from the Academy. Congratulations and good luck on all your endevours.
On an upsetting note Lieutenant Commander Roithlik Th’Amim of the USS Harbinger has been removed from the Academy and his sim folded. This was due to a lack of response, and communication with his COAL tutor. I cannot stress enough that when you are in the Academy communication is key please make sure you stay in touch.
You can expect to see the new COAL on IFS within the month if all goes well. The Cadet Course is the next course under review. I want to thank the entire fleet for bearing with us as we wade through the long process of reformatting the Academy
You can help get the Academy to where it should always be. We are looking for inspired people to be Tutors at the Academy. If you are interested fill out the Tutor Application Form under the apply tab. If you are chosen you will be assisting in designing your course from the ground up. Join the Academy team and help mold the future of Obsidian Fleet.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the Academy my door is always open. You can find me on Discord or [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you all.
Until next month…
Steady As She Goes,
Rear Admiral Travani Dal
Academy Director
Obsidian Fleet