Joint Fleet Command Catchup – August-ish 2018

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Hello! Welcome to … well. Yes.

OK – it’s not a monthly report as such because holidays happened, du Lac got smacked in the face by IRL quite hard, Sharr got drunk in a field in Oxfordshire and converted to hipster and Mac finally had the holiday he’d been threatening to have since we promoted him to JFC. So it’s less of a monthly report, more an apology because we’ve not had the opportunity to do as much as we’d normally do. Hopefully normal service will be resumed for September.

Sorry about that folks. What I am going to do is something a bit different. I’m going to ask you to engage with the comments section below and ask any questions you’ve got to the JFC about IFS2, the Fleet, anything. I know we did this on Obsidian Day but hey, you might’ve thought of something else by now 🙂