Starship Stolen

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Starship Stolen!

Yes you read that right. The USS Elysium, powered down at DS9, on Station power for upgrades has been stolen under the nose of DS9 security staff and the Elysium’s own crew! The Commanding officer, one 26 year old Captain Phoenix Lalor is said to be livid and was seen swearing at a Commodore in a very lyrical language as she and her crew were transferred to the USS Eclipse, a small intrepid class vessel for the pursuit.

To add insult to injury, command of the Eclipse has been given to one Commander Gary Taylor, the Elysium’s executive Officer. As previously reported, Sources from Starfleet command, clearly remember the doubts and concerns raised when Commander Phoenix Lalor, then aged 25, she recently turned 26, was allowed to continue in the Center chair with a mere 3 weeks executive officer experience.

Now they have given command of the crew’s pursuit vessel to her extremely more experienced executive officer. Obviously the woman’s ability which has always been called into question has finally caused her fall. Rumors that she slept her way to the rank are obviously true as her connections were not enough to keep her in her captaincy. It seems that Starfleet has seen the light of day.