USS Nogura Rescued

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Limping back to Starbase 1, the search for the USS Nogura was called off today.  Not long after a general distress call was sent out on all channels, Captain Anders of the USS Phoenix was rumored to have found the Nogura almost adrift, and under the command of her Operations Chief, Lieutenant Commander David Miller.  Locating the Nogura’s stranded Away Team on the nearby planet Prolla 5, Anders is reported to have rescued Commodore Harrington and crew.  While little is known about the Nogura’s mission to Prolla 5, and even less about who pulled off such a daring attack on the Sovereign Class starship, Starfleet certainly will want answers.


Sadly, we have also learned that Commodore Harrington sustained severe injuries while trapped on the planet and required a field amputation of his left leg just below the knee. The Commodore was beamed directly to Starfleet medical, where we are told the newly minted Flag Officer is being cared for and tended to during his recovery.  Commander Courtney Hammerstein, spokesperson for Task Force 72, had this to say, “Commodore Harrington is in stable condition and we are assured he will return to his command after a complete recovery.”  When pressured on the Nogura’s mission Hammerstein replied, “the Task Force has no comment regarding the matter at this time.”


When we met up with Captain Anders, the Captain was quoted as saying, “that mission was a no brainer for any experienced Commander,” he laughed, “but then again this is Harrington we are talking about. Perhaps Starfleet needs to reevaluate their qualifications for Flag Officers.”


FNN has reviewed the Commodore’s record and we certainly have to wonder how a man like Harrington ever made Commodore, or managed to retain his command this long.  “His track record has more failures then anyone else in the fleet,” an anonymous sources was quoted.   This is certainly a mystery that will require a throughout investigation, considering this was the Nogura’s first official mission.


This is Brent Sytner with FFN, and we will bring you more as new updates become available.