Scientist Missing on Risa

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Dr. Adrian Monroe of the Daystrom Biological Institute, an expert in infectious diseases and xeno-viral genetics, was reported missing today at the Federation Bio-Medical Conference on Risa. Authorities on Risa have requested the aid of the security staff of the USS Nightingale in locating Dr. Monroe. The Nightingale is a medical hospital ship and a few of the crew are presenting papers, while others are earning continuing education credits or enjoying a little R&R.

This is the Nightingale’s first excursion since last year’s massive planetary disaster at the Merope IV colony where many thousands were killed when the terraformed planet broke apart. Following the investigation, the Nightingale was cleared of any wrongdoing. Controversy continues to surround the ship, however, and its new commanding officer, Captain Tan’ato Tejera, a known former Orion Syndicate member who only recently received Federation citizenship in order to receive the command of a ship that has had numerous command changes in the last few years.

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