December’s Days Of Doing Different Day 3: The Specialist Sims

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Another day, another doing different!

This time we’re going back to Obsidian Day, again, and a mooted idea we had about launching some specialist sims in areas such as Academy sims, etc. This was very positively received by the Fleet and the TFCO’s went to work on a suggestion of how it might work.

Then stuff happened and it’s changed.

So, why’s it changed?

Well, Obsidian Command lost a CO back in October. We’ve been throwing some ideas round about how the sim might, and should, work given its position in the Fleet and the sheer size of the sim. It’s central to our Lore, and needs to be that presence in the Fleet. We’re also really keen on broadening our horizons and giving people the opportunity to sim in a specialist team environment such as marines, temporal investigations, the Academy, etc.

So the Joint Fleet Command thought, “Why not combine the two?”

So, coming in 2019, Obsidian Command will be getting a major facelift and becoming the “hub” of our current timeline team sims. This will be smaller than a conventional sim, and won’t quite have the same requirements as a full-sim would; they won’t require a separate site as that’ll all be managed via the OC site for example. They’ll still be required to run CO Academy, but their missions will be coordinated with the other team CO’s on OC and du Lac (who’s CO overall) and there’ll be interchangeability of staff – since it’s perfectly reasonable for a diplomatic contingent to require a marine escort, right?

If this one works, we’ll apply the same model to a Discovery/TOS-era setting. It’s another environment where smaller ships (except Crossfield classes) could work, and we’ve got some interesting ideas too.

Hopefully we’ll be able to pitch this as a “simming lite” to draw in players who haven’t looked at conventional simming or not looked at it since the olden days through time & RL commitments along something a bit more unique for the existing players in the Fleet.

As with the others, any questions leave a comment below or ask in Discord.