Sons of Cheron, A Voice to be Heard

Written Bydulac
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MINOS KORVA – Speaking from the party’s symbolic headquarters on Minos Korva, the newly elected leader of the Sons of Cheron made his first appearance after a unanimous vote.  Long considered a small party with extreme ideals, the Sons of Cheron have won a considerable amount of local seats spread across the Federation heartland.  Their power on the Federation Senate remains relatively small with only two seats.  Malcolm Tyler, the new leader, took to the podium to announce the party’s platform for the next cycle.

The Sons of Cheron were founded shortly after the Dominion War.  Their policies have always been focused on strengthening the Federation’s military arm while removing the Federation from the Khitomer Accords and cutting ties with protectorates.  Even their name is a call back from the battle that established the Federation in the closing days of the Earth-Romulan War.  The Battle of Cheron was a historical point that signified the ability of the Coalition of Planets to stand on its own, united.  Chairman Tyler’s remarks were short but stated the party’s point.

“Fellow citizens of the great Federation,

We gather today in a position of victory.  Long has our party been relegated to the side and ignored by those who have enjoyed the status quo.  Instead of rebuilding our own planets and focusing our efforts on our own protection, we have sacrificed our own future.  After the war with the Dominion, we spent, and continue to spend, vast amounts of resources on rebuilding the Cardassian Union.  Resources that should have helped Betazed or our far-flung colonies that were hardest hit were wasted on propping up those who razed our those very planets.  During the war, we made allies and added Protectorates who could not care less what happened to the Federation, only what they could get out of us.  Even now, we stand giving more of our already strained resources to the Romulans.  A people who we have been in a constant state of war with for centuries until they were no longer able to sustain this cold war.”

“What happens if the Breen decided to end their isolation?  What if our former enemies decide to turn on us?  Would our Federation, one that was established over Cheron and has never been conquered, survive?  Is our way of life endangered by our current policies?  We have been laughed at and ignored for asking these questions for far too long.  Now, we will be heard.  We will make the Federation hear us.  We have to make the Fortress Federation strong.  You will hear from us, and this time we can not be ignored.”