2018 Year End Awards

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The wait is over ….

As I have said previously this year’s nominations were one of our biggest and most competitive nomination events to date but I didn’t expect the voting to be so close as well.

Without further delay which is solely on me taking an LOA, I have the great pleasure to announce 2018 year-end awards.

Platinum Sim of the Year

  1. SS Mary Rose
  2. USS Pioneer
  3. USS Endeavour

CO of the Year

  1. Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium
  2. Tyler Malbrooke – USS Pioneer and Yoshi Minawara – USS Vesta
  3. Tan’ato Tejera – USS Nightingale

XO of the Year

  1. Valiyi Uhin – SS Mary Rose
  2. Quinn Ó Flannagáin – USS Pioneer
  3. Ewan Darrow – USS Vesta

Character of The Year

  1. Asahi Kita – USS Clepsydra & Liselle Qwyyn – USS Elysium

Congratulations to everyone as it really was so close. I would like to add that everyone should be really proud as well as not one person or ship wasn’t voted on which really is fantastic.

See you all in April for first quarter voting for Gold UoM.