Obsidian Day 2019

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Good Evening Folks

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our third annual Obsidian Day and Obsidian Fleet’s 18th Birthday (we are going to be legal whoop whoop).

This event will be held on Saturday 27th July 2019 from 19:00 BST. 

We have changed it from UTC due to people being a tad confused and asking. 

Time (BST) Event Name Host
19:00 Opening Ceremony Joint Fleet Command
19:30 Captains Table Task Force COs
20:00 Nova 101 Kate
20:30 Task Force 29 Q&A Joint Fleet Command
21:00 Fleet Lore Announcements Markstrom
21:30 Academy Announcements Travani Dal
22:00 Obsidian Day Awards Goldun
22:30 Q&A Session Fleet Council
23:00 Closing Ceremony Joint Fleet Command