Starfleet Detects Extragalactic Object, USS Defiant Sent to Investigate

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Federation News Network January 14th 2264

Starfleet Long Range Telemetry has detected something interesting headed toward our neighborhood of the Milky Way. An extragalactic object of unknown origin is on course to arrive in a region of the Perseus Arm, outside of Federation territory.

Starfleet Command declined to comment on the nature of the object. However, they did confirm that a ship has been dispatched to head to the object’s ultimate destination. The Constitution-Class USS Defiant is set to launch tomorrow in order to arrive at the destination prior to the object. FNN Correspondent Isabel Rove managed to get a few words from the Defiant’s Captain while aboard Starbase 1.

“Captain Reynolds, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Can you tell us a little about your mission?”

“Of course, it’s my pleasure. So, as you know, I’m not cleared to share everything about it. But we’ve detected the object headed toward a region outside Federation space. Defiant is going to get there first, so that we can get the earliest information possible and send it back your way.” 

“The earliest information. Does that mean Starfleet considers this object a threat?” 

Reynolds shakes her head. “No more than any standard first contact. We’re supposed to be seeking out new life and civilizations. This is just part of that mission. Assuming there are people aboard it, our goal is to make contact with the object. Yes, we want to learn as much about them as we can. But we also want the first face they see in the Milky Way to be a friendly one.” 

“But if the mission is simply first contact, why not send a smaller scout vessel. Defiant is a very big ship for simple first contact.”

“Defiant is an exploration ship first and foremost. We were dragged into some recent conflicts, but this is what she was built for. And given how far away the object is, she’s best equipped to operate without additional resources.”

“And if things turn violent, Defiant is very well armed.”

“Look, I know that’s what people are worried about. But I don’t want to go into this too cynical. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown. But we’re better than that. Let’s put our best foot forward.”

“Thank you for your time, Captain. This is Isabel Rove for FNN, signing off.”