Elysium Command Crew RESCUED while Questions abound!

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Questions are being raised around recent events involving the USS Elysium and it’s crew. 

Not 4 weeks ago, Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten, of Starfleet Operations boarded the ship at DS9 with her two of her adjuncts, One Commander Garrett Lovejoy,(Who was previously slated for the Executive officer’s role on the Elysium before it was given to Commander Gary Taylor) and the other,Lieutenant Commander Percival Albright. Their mission? According to sources, a standard evaluation of the ship and her crew.

They boarded the Elysium, met with the CO of the Ship, Captain Phoenix Lalor</a>, her XO and Second officers, before meeting the senior staff at a function that evening. We should note that Captain Lalor, seems to have a deft hand at organizing functions of a grand scale.  This all seems above board and on par with the Commodore’s reputation. However, the next morning, Captain Lalor, three of her senior officers and another personage, were seen boarding a shuttle and departing DS9 for Trill.

Those crew members were, Commander Gary Taylor, Commander Liselle Qwyyn, and Commander Aurelia Holmes. They were joined by Civilian Captain Taam Sor’el, Commander Qwyyn’s former brother-in-law. A very unique group of officers, and one that comprised the entire upper command levels of the Elysium. They were traveling to Trill at the request of Commander Qwyyn

Seemingly unconcerned by the abrupt departure, Commodore Mountbatten continued her inspections and reviews of the ship and its complement. During these inspections, the Elysium received notification that the shuttle carrying the CO, XO, 2XO and Chief of security had vanished from Tracking.

This prompted Commodore Mountbatten to take command of the Elysium, subverting the chain of command, which would have seen one Lieutenant Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar (try saying that 3 times fast) take command. Arrianna Salannis an Vantar is the ships’ science chief. It should, in fairness also mention that Lieutenant Commander Albright, at this time, attempted to have Her Royal Highness Miram Lalor, sister of Captain Lalor and a political refugee with Federation citizenship, removed from the Elysium and sent back to her homeworld, a move that would have ended in the death of the 16-year-old Princess. Further information on the Erisian Homeworld and its politics.

Under the command of Commodore Mountbatten the Elysium began to search for their missing crew.  Not much is known about the search at this time though our sources report that at the shuttles last known location,  they found evidence of weapons fire, Romulan in origin. Though why the Romulans would attack a Federation Shuttle is being investigated and just who was their target?

Our sources also report the following events happened while searching was under way:

  • Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t’Noramei-Mckinley was placed on report for conduct unbecoming an officer by Commander Lovejoy. It should be noted that Commander t’Noramei-Mckinley is the Commodores niece and the adoptive daughter of Captain E Mckinley, commanding Officer  USS Saratoga. And it has been noted that, the Lieutenant Commander, is Half Romulan, her birth mother a known traitor, the Commander is dating the ship’s Intelligence chief and still, no one does anything? It seems being on report is the least they could do for such a security risk.
  • Lieutenant Kara Hoffman and Commander Garrett Lovejoy were suspected of an affair.  And the Lieutenant is in a known relationship with one of her former subordinates, who is now the chief of Operations on the Elysium… One wonders if it is a bribe to keep the lieutenant’s partner silent about the affair so Commander Lovejoy could enjoy his time more fully on the USS Elysium. 
  • Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett, intervened in the situation around HRH Miran Lalor. It seems that Commander Brett, threw considerable weight behind her efforts and it is rumoured that Lt. Commander Albright’s rising star has dimmed somewhat due to his rash actions.
  • There is an ongoing investigation into the ships lone Deltan Officer and her relationship with one of the ships Medical Personnel. This is being investigated by Commander Lovejoy. But so far no outcome has been reached. This lone Deltan Officer had also been removed from Active duty by counseling staff for a period during this event.
  • The body of one Ensign Henry Lyn was discovered dismembered and scattered across several sectors. He was the assigned Shuttle Pilot for the trip. – Was he killed by the Elysium’s Command Crew? Or someone else? It has since been determined that he was killed by the Rogue Romulan Elements.
  • The ship engaged in battle with three rogue Romulan warbirds, of which none survived the battle when Romulan Naval Forces joined in.

It has been reported that after nearly 10 days of searching, they were assisted by Romulan Naval Forces to track down the Rogue Officers responsible for the kidnapping of 4 Starfleet Officers and a Federation Citizen.  They were being held in what has been reported as a Rogue Prison complex deep within the Romulan Empire without the knowledge of Romulan High Command or their Senate. 

We are pleased to report that all 5 surviving members of the Shuttle crew have been recovered and are receiving treatment on the Elysium. This includes Counseling evaluations. The Commodore’s team, have since handed command back to Captain Lalor, despite her being only recently rescued from a Romulan prison.. Surely they are not going to let an obviously compromised commanding officer take charge? And what about her executive officer? It has been reported that all four federation officers suffered extreme torture and they were kept under observation for a while before being released from medical.. Surely the federation will take this under advisement before they should hand command back? We have placed these questions to Starfleet and were told “Starfleet does not comment on such things.”

The Erisian Embassy has logged an official complaint about the fact that they have been unable to retrieve HRH Miran Lalor after they were requested to come and retrieve her. It has also been noted that Captain Lalor, has also logged a complaint against Lieutenant Commander Albright in overstepping her Will and Testament.

There are questions being raised due to these events. These questions are important and without proper answers, there could be massive ramifications. We just hope that finally Starfleet will do what is right and remove Captain Lalor from Command once and for all. After all allowing oneself and command crew to be captured and her crew to be tortured and killed are not the hallmarks of an exemplary commanding officer. 

This has been Lois Kent reporting.

EDITORS ADDITION:  Please be aware that when approached for comment, all we at FNS received back was “No comment” from all officers.