Task Force 47 Report – July 2019

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Welcome to another TFCO report. I’m going to skip the pre-amble and get right to it this month. First time for everything, right?

The Task Force currently sits as follows;

Total Sims in Task Force: 16
Active Sims: 8
Open Commands: 8

We’ve had a slight dip in our number this month. I am sorry to announce that we’ve had Ajani Carter of Starbase 80 step down this week. We wish the CO all the best with the future and I do hope we see them around in the future. We’ve also had Sarek and Defiant officially leave us to go over to TF29, something we’ve known was going down for a few months now. However, as a whole, the TF is still in a reasonably good place, certainly better than I’ve seen things before. I’ve been on to CO’s within the TF about each sim, have gone through them all this month, and

Our current open Commands are as follow;

USS Harbinger (Luna Class)
USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS August (Nova Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
USS Centaurus (Galaxy Class)
USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
Deep Space 7 (Stardock Class)

As ever, any enquiries into Command, whether you wish to apply, hit me up at tf47ATobsidianfleet.net or on discord (BenjiMan#5762). Discord is the faster way to reach me, so if it’s an urgent enquiry, go through that, worst case scenario I ask you to copy paste it into an email. This can be anything from what do we look for in a CO app to would it be possible to get a class not already listed.

Now, this month I actually have a UoM to give out! I know, weird right? This month, I’ve seen fit to give the award to the USS Pioneer. The nomination is as follows;

“Normally, I’m not one for giving awards to Task Group Flagships. In fact, often times I actively avoid it as I feel to take on a Task Force Command role is to forfeit those types of awards to the sims you are the TGCO for. However, in this instance, I am awarding the UoM from the month of July to Captain Tyler Malbrooke and the crew of the Pioneer. They consistently put out a high post count while maintaining a brilliant quality, worthy of Flagship status and this award. In July alone, they put out 134 posts, an average of just over 7 posts per player, and are on track for another month that will break that 100 post level, and this isn’t a one off either! Combine that with the additional work Malbrooke does in his capacity as a TGCO and Academy Commandant while also running this great sim and the sheer degree of interaction between these people that demonstrates the kind of creativity and camaraderie this fleet is all about, and you’ll understand why I’m nominating them for this award. So congratulations to the Pioneer and her crew, this award is well earned. Keep it up!” – Oliver Lancaster, TF47 TFCO.

As ever, I’d also like to shout out those that did not win this award, as many of you have done very well this month, and you’ve also maintained some wonderful stories, so keep that up too!

That about sums it up for this month. There’ve been no open positions outside CO submitted this month, but as a reminder for all CO’s in the Task Force, you can submit any open positions that require filling via a google form I have pinned to the discord, I will list them in my report each month.

May Riker’s beard continue to smile upon all of us!