Task Force 72 Monthly Report – July 2019

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What can I say, another month has flown by and here we are looking at the latter half of the year.   This will be a shorter report than normal but at least it’s still out before Lancaster’s report!  Overall this was a good month, with the highlight being Obsidian Day.  I want to thank all the following for their help with the Command Panel; Minawara, Draxx,  and Saulitis.  You all did amazing and your input was greatly appreciated.  

Task Force Stats

  • Total Simms: 16
  • Ships with CO’s: 11
  • Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
  • Open Commands: 5

From my rumor mills, I hear that we have a couple of pending applications on the horizon, so my hopes for next month is that I will be able to introduce some new Commanding Officers.  Until then I will leave this section with the same message I give every month,  I am still working with the TGCOs on recruitments ideas and ways to help strengthen our base.   We have refreshed our open commands, listed below. If you are interested in one of these commands or have an idea about a possible new command please send me a message in discord (Jakers#5090), I would love to hear from you.

  • Task Group 72A – USS Tesla, USS Ares
  • Task Group 72B – Triton Seabase, USS Athena
  • Task Group 72C – USS Polaris

Unit of Merit

In preparation for the Award nomination this month, I personally reviewed every site and looked over each simm for activity, involvement, and overall presence.  So before I announce the winner, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge everyone in 72.  You all make this a great group and should be proud of the collective work that is put into our community. But as they said in the movies, there can be only one, so here it is.  The winner of this month’s Unit of Merit Award is the USS Andromeda. 

“I want to nominate the USS Andromeda. I don’t normally nominate a ship as new as Andromeda but I am blown away with how well they are doing. I was impressed with the plots and the Commanding Officer in general. Such a positive mental attitude that you don’t often see in new CO’s. Really fitting into #team72 well. Really proud to have the ship in my task group.”

~Captain Ledeya Ehestri, Task Group 72B Commanding Officer

In Closing

I hope to be working with the Lore department over the next month on some of those exciting things they shared in relation to 72’s canon.   There is so much potential there to use and develop, I can’t lie I am very interested in seeing how all this plays out in the various games.   We are still plugging away on the Wargames, which now has a home website (hurray!).  I will be hammering down more on the Task Group COs and a couple others to really get it going and kick things up a bit.  As always if you want to get involved and help with the planning send a shout out in the 72-CO chat and someone will get back with you.  So here’s to another month and more adventures to be had.