Task Force Command Announcement

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What’s this? An announcement separate to a report? What witchcraft is this?!

Well, it’s best to get this announced sooner rather than later so everyone is fully illuminated on the matter. So, here goes.

As many of you know, Captain Brett Watson stepped down as TGCO of 47-B some months ago. Since then, the TFCO has been filling in for him. Well, that all changes today. As of today, Commodore Yoshi Minawara is transferring with the USS Vesta over to 47-B as it’s new TGCO. He has previously filled this role in 72-A with exceptional distinction. In his place, Captain Jane Saulitis of the USS Majestic will be stepping up to the role of TGCO for 72-A.

We wish everyone all the best in their new roles as the fleet moves forward into a new day of prosperity.

Of the transfer, Minawara suggested the statement be as follows;

“People of the Fleet. Commodore Minawara, ever the presence of grace, fairness, and overall radiance, has allowed us the opportunity to move him to another Task Force, so that it will hopefully absorb a degree of his prowess. You may address him as “Your Greatness” throughout the fleet.”

So, Your Greatness, welcome to the madhouse. Scotch is in the cabinet and straight jackets are in the cloakroom. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you.

Today, Riker’s beard smiles on us all.