Commanding Officer Round Table

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Good Day All

The Task Force Commanding Officers and Comms Director have been looking at ways to create a little more community and offer some support. After the success of Obsidian Day CO talk, we have come up with something similar that can be done monthly. Thanks to Sep it is now known as Commanding Officers Round table.

It will provide a structured format where all commanding officers can come together regularly to discuss different aspects of running a simulation.

The main purpose is to end the opinion that people are alone and to help everyone feel more supported. Previous discussions that have taken place show that people felt less isolated in our community and it also helped increase awareness where they can go to for help and advice.

The round table will normally take place once a month for an hour. It will either be based on something that has happened the previous month or can explore a particular theme such as ‘when things go wrong’ ‘recruitment’ or ‘a mission I’ll never forget’.

Once the Round starts, a panel of a few people will share their experiences for the first 15-20 minutes. We will be asking for volunteers who want to share their experiences and you do not need to be a long-running Commanding Officer either. Obsidian Day showed new Commanding Officer opinions are so valuable as it challenges the ideas that long-running Commanding Officers have.

The remainder of the hour will be open discussion reflecting on the theme and what has been shared from our volunteers.

Our first Round table will be on the theme ‘Recruitment’ and will be held on Saturday 5th at 8 PM BST. We are looking for people who have had good or bad experiences that they are willing to share.

Please contact your task force commanding officer if you want to be on the first panel.

We look forward to seeing you there.