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Another month and another brand new ship but not a Commanding Officer who is a stranger to us. This is his own words about USS Athena and what he has planned for his crew.

A brand new sim, the USS Athena is a Prometheus-class ship designed to be on the frontlines of the conflicts Starfleet faces. That needs a crew that is committed, adaptable, and capable. They’re likely to be sent into situations where a firm hand is needed, beyond mere diplomacy.

We know that Starfleet as an organisation is peaceful and exploratory – but there are times when tough decisions need to be made and outcomes aren’t always black-and-white. Our aim is to tell some stories where players have the opportunity to face up to some interesting moral dilemmas with a lasting impact – and challenge their own ability as writers in the process.

We want the community on board the Athena to create an atmosphere where players can find a home they’re excited about. As a command team we’re committed to making Athena the best it can be; a place where character development and exciting stories are paramount and fun is the name of the game.