Admiral Harrington – A Wicked web

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Editors note: The following piece is for satire only

Admiral Harrington fathered my child! – this may seem like clickbait but it comes as many more women are linked to the now rear admiral Cornelius Harrington. Over the past several months, more women have been seen in the company of the Rear Admiral, and questions surrounding the disappearance of his one-time fiancee and the fact that he has now moved in with the supposed mother of his twins are increasing!

Rear Admiral Cornelius Harrington, is aged 40 and has one legitimate child, Teresita Tess Elizabeth Harrington – 5 her mother is the Admiral’s late wife Lucia Harrington. He has claimed paternity of two twins born to one Adira Toril, who has moved in with the Admiral upon his assignment to Starbase 50. 

The Admiral was engaged to one Commander Maurelle Valentine, who has been reported MIA, presumed Dead by Starfleet, mere weeks after the arrival of Adria Toril. And then not a short time later, the Nogura’s chief Engineer was placed on an indefinite leave of absence – which is against her parole but we will leave that for another time. As the CEO had been one of the more vocal opponents to Ms Toril, her indefinite leave is very suspicious and one wonders if the lieutenant has been made to vanish when Valentine went MIA, due to asking too many questions.

Admiral Harrington has a propensity for being a womanizer and when we study his Task Force we see a highly concerning rate of female promotions and the highly bizarre transfer of one Commodore Yoshi Minawara, CO of the USS Vesta to another Task Force. Admiral Harrington has recently promoted Captain Jane Saulitis of the USS Majestic to Task Group CO in the Commodore’s place. The captain, recently married, has been seen walking with the Admiral, ostensibly discussing deployments, but to our sources, are very close. What is strange is the fact that her promotion comes on the heels of the transfer. Surely there are other officers out there who would have been better suited? And just why was the Commodore transferred so abruptly? Did he find the admiral in a delicate position with one of the many female CO’s?

And not just CO’s are his focus, as rumors abound about a one night stand with Alexis Agrax. Commander. USS Cosmos – The ship’s security Chief. Just how many women has this man had? Does he have time to do his duty and run his Task Force?

Another young woman has been seen in the admiral’s office, one who has just been approved for Starfleet academy. Sources are unable to gain the young woman’s name, but assure us that the Admiral has sponsored her in the academy. Did she trade favours for this?

In summary, the questions we want to be answered by Admiral Harrington are:

  • Where is Commander Maurelle Valentine? – is she dead? If so who killed her?
  • Where is your Former Chief Engineer Sha’nae Ba’au? – Did you organize for her to vanish?
  • Are rumours of other children by various other officers true, and if so, will you claim them or leave them to be considered illegitimate?
  • Are you running a scheme for those who want to attend the Academy?
  • Why was commodore Minawara summarily transferred to a new posting? Are you attempting a cover up?

Stay tuned while we explore these questions and attempt to get answers to these questions, after all, if someone is in such a circumstance, how can they be relied upon to run a task force?

This is Lois Lane reporting