Monthly Report Task Force 72 – Sept 2019

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Well, another great month for all of us here in Task Force 72. I suppose you could say 72 was all about change this last month. We saw a TGCO leave us, and a new TGCO join us. First off, I’d like to give a big thanks to the outgoing Minawara, you’ve been a strong presence here in Task Force 72. You’ve added a lot here to our group and you are someone that I am honored to call a friend. I know you will continue to do well in the Dark Side of the Fleet… no I mean Task Force 47 (sorry). In his place, Captain Saulitis has stepped up and taken command of Task Group 72-A. While she has some big shoes to fill, I know her commitment, dedication, and passion will continue to shine and carry 72-A into bigger and better things.

My goal for this next month and throughout the end of the year is to get the Wargames into full swing. I know with all the change the TF Wargames has stalled a bit. I do apologize for that, but we will keep plugging on and now that we have Saulitis’ help we will be blowing things up in the process. Once I get the new TGCO up to speed and we collectively put our heads together we will get that going. If you have any questions on the Wargames don’t be afraid to ask it in the TF CO Chat.

Task Force Stats

Now onto the Task Force numbers, and all the official bits that I have to list in my report. Some minor changes here due to the Task Force shuffle.

  • Total Simms: 16
  • Ships with CO’s: 13
  • Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
  • Open Commands: 3

Open Commands

  • Task Group 72A – USS Tesla
  • Task Group 72B – USS Ares
  • Task Group 72C – USS Polaris, USS Juno

As always if you are interested in an open command, or have an idea for a new command, feel free to contact me on discord at Jakers#5080, or contact any of the amazing staff from Task Force 72.  

Unit of Merit

There is no monthly award, for this current period. While we don’t have an award, I do want to recognize all the hard-working Commanders out there. You all deserve a pat on the back for your continued hard work and dedication. We have a strong group of people and I know that our success is because of you, so a big thanks from me!

In Closing

I’d like to remind everyone of the Commanding Officer’s Round Table this coming Saturday, we’d love to see as many of you there as possible. Come ready to share, ready to get involved, and ready to have some good ole fashion fun. So, for my final comment, I leave this image for my counterpart.

As Lancaster would say, may Riker’s beard.. blah blah blah … or something like that.
Have a great October all