End Of Year Nominations

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Congratulations to everyone nominated for 2019’s end of year awards.

Character of the Year Nominations
Eden Bowers (SS Mary Rose)
Sara t’esseri (Starbase 50)
Cornelius Tremble (USS Pioneer)
Dana Wakefield (USS Pioneer)
Megan DuBois (Langley Station)
Aurelia Holmes (USS Elysium)

Commanding Officer of the Year Nominations
Kate Banninga (Langley Station)
Cornelius Harrington III (Starbase 50)
Jane Saulitis – (USS Majestic)
Tyler Malbrooke (USS Pioneer)
Charlotte Reynolds (USS Defiant)
Phoenix Lalor (USS Elysium)
Jonathan Reynolds (USS Andromeda)

Executive Officer of the Year Nominations
Harrison Wade (USS Imperator)
Curtis Thibideaux (USS Valiant)
Quinn Ó Flannagáin (USS Pioneer)
Ronald Hawk (Langley Station)

Voting will happen end of January along with Platinum ship of the year.
Good luck to all.