Task Force 72 Monthly Report – November 2019

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Well, things are about a month behind, so this report is going to cover both October and November at this point.  Relatively speaking, it’s been a very quiet time of year, but I think that is always the case as we head into the holiday season.  People get busy, the family takes priority, and did we mention all the food… Honestly, while this report covers two months it will be a rather short report.

Task Force Update

As it relates to Task Force, we have two major bits that I will be covering.  First is the Task Force Wargames storyline. Sadly with all the changes inside 72 and many other factors, the Wargames has suffered a lot.  After meeting with the Command Staff, we have opted to close the Wargames. We are still very much interested in continuing with a Task Force event, but with the aforementioned changes, our plans need to be tweaked considerably before we move on.  We will do some talking and planning after the new year.   

Secondly, as announced in the 72 CO Channel, Commander Reynolds (Draxx in Fleet Chat) has been with us for some time.  In light of her work on the Andie and her dedication to the Fleet Community, Commander Reynolds is hereby promoted to Captain.  Next time you see Draxx in chat make sure to give her a hearty congrats.

Task Force Stats

  • Total Simms: 16
  • Ships with CO’s: 12
  • Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
  • Open Commands: 4

Open Commands
Task Group 72A – USS Tesla
Task Group 72B – USS Ares
Task Group 72C – USS Juno, USS Polaris

As always if you are interested in an open command, or have an idea for a new command feel free to contact myself (Jakers#5080) or any of the Command Staff from Task Force 72.

Unit of Merit

This month we have no Unit Of Merit award to hand out.   I would like to thank all our Commanding Officers, players, and members who continue to make Obsidian Fleet a great community.   

In Closing

So now that the holiday season is in full swing I can finally break out the eggnog and enjoy a little holiday treat.  I want to thank everyone for all they do to make this a great community. Remember to take everything in moderation, especially this time of year.  Spend lots of time with your loved ones and make some great memories. See you all next month with another exciting rendition of “What did Harrington forget to do this month”.