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Some people love writing solo posts and some prefer Joint post. I’m a fan of the latter. I really suck at solo posts. At Langley most of the stories that go out are joint posts, but a while ago we got a very special solo post. Not only was it a post without any dialogue but the character it was written about is unconscious. Our very own John Doe. Or just John. This post “Dream or Nightmare” was the latest winner of Langley Stations Post in the Spotlight and I like to share it all with you. Writing a post while your character is unconscious is really difficult but I think John did a great job. He managed to convey a really strong sense of emotion.

Posted on Fri Nov 8, 2019 @ 5:55pm by John Sheppard
Mission: First Unity
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 32 at 0000

Laying on a recliner, feeling the warmth of the sun on his skin. A sunny day, in the background a light blue house, in front of it a green lawn and a white picket fence surrounding it. The laughter of a small child who was running through the garden. The smell of meat being roasted on an old fashioned coal barbecue, a woman was standing behind the barbecue. Was it Suzanne?

A dream, but it felt too realistic to be a dream, a holographic recreation? No it still felt real John thought whilst running his hand along the green grass. Looking up at the sun he moved his hand in front of it, it was bright and the sun’s rays felt warm. but slowly around him the brightness and warmth of the sun seemed to fade causing John to get off his recliner and looked towards the barbecue. The woman who was standing behind it was gone, even the laughter of the child who had been running around in the garden had stopped. His surrounding became darker as the sun dissipated, the house, fence recliner and even the grass he touched was gone, only total darkness surrounded John, confused and fearful John looked around him and tried to call out only to realize that no words were spoken.

John became even more scared as he didn’t know what was going on, why was he surrounded by darkness, why couldn’t he speak? John even realized he couldn’t move not that it would help with this darkness surrounding him. However there was something in the far distance, a voice. A faint whisper. Then for a moment nothing. But there it was again but from a different direction, multiple voices even but who could it possibly be? The voices were too far removed from him to be recognizable. Was it a beacon? Suzanne? Or someone else? Determined John used all of his might to move forward and find the source of the voices.