Garrison Vessel Update for Starbases

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Hello all!

Do not panic, yes it is I, Markstrom the glorious Lore and Tech director for Obsidian Fleet and yes, I am posting more than one story in a month… oh man!

Anyways, I would like to update you all on a recent Fleet Council vote that passed unanimously. As part of the modernization/updating of Starbase Specs, I noted that the Garrison Vessel listings were severely lacking and just plain didn’t make sense to me. As such, I put together a proposal with some help from one of our lovely TFCO’s (*cough* Harrington *cough*).

So, low and behold, please head on over to here if you are a Starbase CO, or interested in becoming one to read about the updated Garrison Vessel options for Starbases.


Each Starbase is now allotted a certain amount of points. There list a list of underutilized starships in the fleet, all bar one, 10 decks or smaller, that would be used to supplement a Starbase to help create better stories. These ships, depending on power, age and size are worth certain amounts of points.

A Stardock class for example is massive. Thus gets the most points at 16. The captain then has 16 points to use.

Say they want some more science ability and a little extra punch for defence. They choose a Merian Class due to its advanced sensors and a Defiant to pack that punch. They have now used 12 of those 16 points. They now have 4 to spare, which they can use if they want or dont.

Its all up to how the CO wants to use the points to help tell the story they want to tell.

Just remember though, you’re still going to be running or playing on a Starbase sim. The garrisons are there to supplement and help the story, not replace the base.

Thats all! If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or shout at me in the #fleet-lore channel.


P.S. Just I dunno, don’t select 16 Wallace classes, that’s just silly.

Or do… I’m not your mother. You do you.