Diplomatic Accession Talks End in Failure

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It appears the anticipated accession of Paratus IV into the United Federation of Planets may not go ahead as planned.

Following reports that the Federation Ambassador was attacked, it has now emerged that the diplomatic negotiations ended ubruptly with the outbreak of civil war on the planet, with forces loyal to the Queen were assaulted by a rebel faction under Duke Alonso. Reportedly the diplomatic team were forced into an emergency extraction by their Starfleet escort.

The USS Athena, assigned to the negotations, was almost forced to engage local Paratan forces in orbit, however they were able to recover the endangered personnel without needing to fire a shot; insiders suggested that a forced engagement would have almost certainly resulted in terrible loss of life to the Paratan military forces. When questioned about the potential breaching of the Prime Directive during the incident, Commander Kane responded pragmatically, citing numerous examples of precedent, particularly when Starfleet Officers are subject to immediate risk to life.

The Federation Diplomatic service has issued a statement condemning any hositilities in the Paratan system and calling for immediate peace talks. It does appear, however, that accession talks may be stalled indefinitely, wasting months of diplomatic effort.