Task Force 29 Monthly Report – June 2020

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Time sure flies when you run a Task Force about time. (See what I did there lol) I enter my second month leading 29 and the 29ers and it has been some ride. The stories that are coming out of the Sims in this Task Force are not only something to be proud of, but they are something the likes of which have not been seen in the simming community before. Right now, the biggest task that I am undertaking is that of filling the commands within the Task Group. There will be more on that later in the report. That is enough of my blather. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the state of 29…

Task Force Update

While last month I took stock of what we had here in 29, this month I read the stories that the Task Force produced and assisted the Sims in getting on track.

The first bit of big news is that we would like to welcome a new Commanding Officer to the Task Force. Sorcha O’Neill has launched a Starfleet Academy sim within Task Group 29B. The method in which this sim is telling and writing their stories is both new and refreshing.  Every character or Cadet can carve their own story through the courses that they take. I highly recommend checking out the Academy Sim, who knows you could be the next to solve the Kobyashi Maru.

The second bit of news was something that I touched upon in my last report. I am curious to see how the rest of the fleet would feel about alien Sims. I am talking about Sims that take place aboard a Klingon, Romulan, or Cardassian ship etc.… This is something that I would love to see in 29. I think not only would it provide a unique writing experience, but also it could be something that connects to the main fleet storyline, a way for 29 to link to the rest of the fleet. If this is something that interests you or you would like to express your thoughts on the subject please contact me at [email protected] or message me on Discord.

The recruitment drive within the Task Force continues. If you are interested in becoming a CO for an “outside the box” sim then TF 29 is the place for you.

Task Force Stats

Total Simms: 12

Ships with CO’s: 7

Ships with Pending CO’s: 0

Open Commands: 5

If you are interested in a command within Task Group 29 please contact me at [email protected] or on Discord (Hadir Prenar #1445), I would be happy to discuss your sim concept and how we can fit it into the Task Group at large.

Remember if you can dream it, you can be it in 29…. That is just a pretty way of saying come take a command

Unit of Merit

For the month of June, it was a tough call. I have enjoyed reading the page-turner stories that all the Sims in this Task Force are submitting. However, I would like to continue the sentiment that my colleague over in Task Force 72 started. That is the sentiment of growth. Sometimes a CO and a crew that buckles down and grows the sim are worth recognizing. Therefore, for this month I would like to award Star Trek: Vanished with the Silver Unit of Merit Award for June.

“In the course of a month Vanished as added three writers and almost doubled their post count. However, numbers are not everything, as we all know. The plot of this sim is a question that I think many people have asked that of what would happen to a Starfleet crew if they did not have their devices and there was no sign of rescue.  It is Lost meets Star Trek meets Gilligan’s Island and it is brilliant. The trademarks of this sim are thought provoking posts, which are also touching and are often humorous. It is quickly becoming a highlight of my month to read the story of what they are up to next. I am exceptionally proud and humbled by what this crew has accomplished in a month. So please recognize Lieutenant Commander Sheppard and the crew over at Vanished for all of their hard work and dedication. I also encourage you to look at the story they have to tell. Bravo! Bravo!”

In Closing

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” I would like to remind all of the current Commanding Officers out there that if they are interested they can have a second command, if that second command is in 29. Just something for you all to keep in mind and ponder. As for everyone else, have a look at all we have to offer and give them a whirl you will not regret it.


Until Next Month

May Janeway watch over us and protect us all…

Until Then

Steady As She Goes