Obsidian Day 2020

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With one month exactly to go until our fourth annual Obsidian Day and Obsidian Fleet’s 19th Birthday we thought we would give you a little reminder of what is happening.

This event will be held on Saturday 1st August 2020 from 18:00 BST.

This is going to be our time to reflect and remember the amazing things this community has achieved on both a fleet and a simm level over the last year. And I for one can’t wait to celebrate.

We are hoping to do a few events throughout the day other than the main event with volunteer’s support.

Time (BST)Event NameHost
18:00Opening CeremonyJoint Fleet Command
19:00Romulans and the evolving loreCam – Community Team
19:30What makes a characterPaul – USS Athena
20:00QuizMelody Jones – Merlin
20:30Obsidian Fleet Academy Night ClassKayim Falor, Academy Director
21:00Life On A StationRasado – Starbase 621
21:30Evolutionary: How Simming Has Changed Over the Years Oliver Lancaster, Task Force 47 Commanding Officer 
22:00Obsidian Day AwardsEhestri – JFC
22:30Metagaming, Yes And… & you: All You need to be a team simmerDeclan Ford, Task Force 29 Commanding Officer
23:00Q&A Fleet Council Fleet Council
23:30Closing CeremonyJoint Fleet Command

We are looking for people who are wanting to host an event to help make this celebration extra special. We will be updating you often with changes and as always it is subject to changes even on the day. We can add more panels if more people want to do stuff as well.

If you think this could be you, email the Joint Fleet Command with your details and what you will be running!