Task Force 72 Monthly Report – June 2020

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Well, I know my report is a day early but the next couple of days here are going to be crazy for me. Therefore, I figured I’d get it in now before Dulac starts pestering me. It’s not pretty when he whines. Really, it’s not.

June was a great month for the Task Force with each game showing growth and increase. Many saw new applications, increases in numbers, and involvement. But things didn’t stop there; this month also saw two new Commanders added to Task Force 72. Welcome to the ranks of the center chair Ajani Carter of the USS Eagle, and Gabriel Reyes of the USS Telsa. Both come to us with some previous experience in command and I am positive will be a great addition to our group of misfits.

Task Force Stats

Ships with CO’s: 13
Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
Open Commands: 5

As always if you are interested in an open command or have an idea for a new command feel free to contact me (Jakers#5080) or Kristi (Kristi#7833) from Task Force 72.  We’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in running a game on the Cardassian side of the map! 

Come tackle the Breen, and bring the Ferengi to their knees.. or something like that. We have cookies!

Unit of Merit

This month Kristi and I talked, we really wanted to recognize someone who has shown some growth and truly turned things around. The Unit of Merit Award isn’t always about the highest numbers, the largest crew, or the most involved. Sometimes, for me, it’s about a Commanding Officer rolling up their sleeves, digging in, and taking care of issues. This month was a hard one as so many games really did well, but one game stood out for me. That game was the USS Mercutio and Captain Henry Crow.

“The USS Mercutio had a long and rich history before she came to Obsidian Fleet. After several slower months, it would seem this little Akira Class starship got some wind in her sails. With increases all over the board, the Mercutio made some significant growth this month. I couldn’t be prouder of the positive changes made by this crew. With that in mind, the Command Staff would recognize Captain Crow and his dedicated crew for all their hard work.” ~Rear Admiral Neil Harrington

Next time to see Captain Crow, or any of his players in Discord make sure to give them a hearty congrats!


Until next month, keep up the great work, continue to push your crew, and remember to have fun. We have a great community here; everyone is always willing to lend a hand and help a member when they ask. Not too much else to say.


Have a great July!