Filling the Gap – 2379 to 2396/7/9

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Hello dear Fleet member!

So we’re rebuilding the Fleet Lore, and a few people have asked where we’re sourcing some of the events from. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll see some of the places we’re taking inspiration from and get a better feel for where we’re going. We’ve also included some Amazon links to some of the books we’re sourcing data from just in case you feel like reading any of the background stories.

The Brief for Lore

To create a believable, immersive sandbox which represents the direction taken by Star Trek as a universe and builds upon the history of Star Trek and Obsidian Fleet to date.

How we source it

We use a series of stages.

Stage 1: Canon – TV/Movies

So this is the basic for any Trek group like ours. If it’s on TV, it exists in some form or other within the universe. So in Obsidian Fleet that means that Hobus blew up, the Romulan Neutral Zone has dissolved, Voyager made it home and Kirk travelled back in time to save some whales to save Earth in the future and pulled a marine biologist out of time.

Stage 2: Books

While books aren’t strictly canon, they provide a rich tapestry for the expanded universe and have been detailing key events throughout the Trek timelines. Some key events have included the Borg coming back and kicking ass, the Romulans, Breen, and Tzenkethi banding together to create the Typhon Pact, a rival to the Federation. We’ve not strictly followed events in the books, for example the Borg didn’t get absorbed back into a gestalt consciousness through time-travelling shenanigans in Obsidian Fleet’s version of the universe, but they got their asses kicked after taking a chunk of the Federation out.

Books also provide some of the detail of the origin of Obsidian and our home star system, Loki. See Vulcan’s Forge for an example further down the page.

Stage 3: Star Trek Online

If we’ve exhausted everything else, we go to STO. It’s not canon, it’s not as in-depth as the books, and in some cases flat-out contradicts the books and gets hastily rewritten for Discovery and Picard. There’s not a lot of source material from here in the Fleet.

Stage 4: OF’s History

We’re working on this bit, but we’re looking back in our archives and hoping CO’s from across the fleet will contribute some of their story to the tapestry we’re weaving. Some notable events, like the Sons of Charon, are being incorporated into the Fleet’s History.

Well this sounds good, I want to know more!

We’ll have some more to share on Obsidian Day, but we wanted to share some of our thought process behind what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’ve also had some requests for some of the source materials we’re drawing from. There’s 12 books below which have influenced our journey from 2379 to 2396. The links will take you to the Amazon Kindle store in your respective countries to buy/preview them.

Or, if you don’t want to read them you can sign up for an Audible trial on this handy link. Then listen in the car, while you’re walking, or if you’re unfortunate enough to need to get public transport in the coronavirus world, a bus/tram/train.

We also have the fleet-lore channel in Discord where you can ask a question.

See you on Obsidian Day!