Mysterious Explosion on New Laurium

Written Bydulac
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Federation Officials are said to be ‘deeply concerned’ following the discovery of illegal cloning operations on the mining colony of New Laurium. Our reporter Danny Concannon reports from the civilian outpost:

“The scene here on this outlying mining colony is like few I’ve ever seen: a square block of building has been almost completely devastated by what investigators have called a ‘suspicious’ explosion in a sublevel facility. Officials are, however, even more, concerned by the discovery of bio-mimetic gel at the scene: a highly illegal chemical banned throughout the Federation.”

Our insider reports suggest the owners of the destroyed building, reputed shipping corporation Equinox Industries, may have been conducting secretive and dangerous experiments in cloning technology. Disturbing images have emerged of identical unidentified males having assaulted company employees shortly before the explosion occurred. Investigators have suggested the detonation could have been caused by some sort of fail-safe system designed to prevent a containment breach, yet no evidence has currently been found to support this theory.

Meanwhile, Starfleet has dispatched the USS Venture along with a specialist science team to ascertain just how far Equinox Industries have been tampering with illegal substances. Corporate representatives have been unavailable for comment. We tried to contact some of the civilian ships leaving the area including the SS Mary Rose but they declined to comment as well.